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What if one day you woke up and suddenly you knew - you used to be someone else? What if you could never go back?

Myrdu has a life on Avla, family, a daughter, a job he enjoys.

But is any of it real? When Myrdu completes his latest xenolinguistics project, it's as if a switch flips in his brain. Memories pour out, lifetimes' worth of memories. Those of a shapeshifter, a spy, named Okka. Xe is a Mimica, one of the foes of the Avlan state.

Worse yet, the Mimica homeworld has fallen, and for Okka, neither world will be safe now.

Okka flees to Earth, hoping to buy xemself time, hoping against hope to find some way to save the Mimica homeworld. Okka does not expect to find humans that xe can call family, not in the way that Mimica can be to each other.

Okka does not expect Waverly Kemp.

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Hey all! It's been a while, I know. A lot going on in multiple aspects of life, but I've been making great progress on the third draft of The Grafting Mark! I did not expect it to take this long; at this point I might want to find some newer comps before the next round of submissions. But the book is getting so much better! I've got a few areas that still need touching up but the planetary physics and the timeline should make a lot more sense now, along with several other refinements. I'll keep working on it when I can!


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