The third draft of The Grafting Mark is in progress and should be querying later this year!

Bonny struggles to connect with her fellow humans but when she crashes her runner in a remote valley on Teegarden B, leaving her with a broken leg and a nonfunctional comm, her survival depends on making a connection with a much less likely and deadlier being – one of the carnivorous raptors who dominate the planet's skies. Divided by language, culture, and species, they work to survive both the wilderness and their own scars. Strangely, Bonny's hardest ordeal may be walking among humans again after all the ways this friendship has changed her.

Irene's Favorite Things

I put so many of my favorite tropes into this book. It's a first contact story, it's a survival story, and it's a love story without being a romance.

Tirraa is one of the characters who is most alive in my head, because she's made of all the things that make me feel not quite human, all the queerness and neurodivergence and the unusual maintenance procedures my body requires. Giving her a human who learns about her and understands her was really satisfying.

rating: pg (death, suicide, serious injuries)

major relationship: f&f queerplatonic

aromantic asexual characters

unwanted sexual advances

fantasy racism/xenophobia and colonialism


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