Hi! I'm putting some art and images here that have to do with my books. The banner above features a digital painting of the Philadelphia skyline I did to put on the back cover of The Red Glade Peacemakers.

This picture is Bonny at the beginning of The Grafting Mark. I drew this for the cover of the early friends and family edition.

This one is a painting I started as an idea for a front cover. However, after I realized how many hours of work it would take to bring it to a place where I'd be happy to use it as a cover, I changed course. This features Khislon, Isis and Ezri as I imagine them.

Here's a picture I drew of Tazz and Ben from Tabitha! They are sweeties and I like drawing them because they are both so Aesthetic but in different ways.

And this is an ambigram I did of the name of the series, Sunflowers Blooming! I went through an ambigram phase a few years ago and tried to make ambigrams of all my titles and stuff, but this is the only one that really worked and I keep meaning to write it down the sleeves of a hoodie or something.

I hope to add more pictures to the gallery later, things like cover paintings and photographs of the paperbacks in action, but I wanted to get these up immediately! Hope you enjoy them!

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