The latest as of March 31, 2024

Hey all! It's been a while, I know. A lot going on in multiple aspects of life, but I've been making great progress on the third draft of The Grafting Mark! I did not expect it to take this long; at this point I might want to find some newer comps before the next round of submissions. But the book is getting so much better! I've got a few areas that still need touching up but the planetary physics and the timeline should make a lot more sense now, along with several other refinements. I'll keep working on it when I can!

The latest as of January 8, 2023

I'm getting so much great feedback on The Grafting Mark from the friends and family I've shared it with! I knew the second draft was going to be a lot better than the first draft, but there are so many good insights to take into account and I still have a lot of work to do in the third draft. Meanwhile I'm querying with my second draft; we'll see how it goes in terms of getting some quick changes in if an agent requests the full book!

The latest as of November 18, 2022

The second draft of The Grafting Mark is completed and the book is now querying! People besides my most trusted editor will be getting their first glimpse at it! I'm vibrating with excitement.

Currently getting over what seems to be a fairly mild but interminable case of covid. The book has really kept the last week and change from feeling like a drag.

The latest as of October 20, 2022

Working my way through the changes I'm making to The Grafting Mark and making my way towards the second draft! The second draft is exciting because it's the one I'll be showing people, both in terms of querying and in terms of letting friends and family read it. It's still got a long way to go but it's going to be so much better than the first draft!

The latest as of June 12, 2022

This site is effectively ready to go! There are always more little tweaks I'd love to do but it's solid, I think. There are some distribution links where I'm still waiting for problems to get sorted out and I'll try to keep those updated but the Lulu links are always a good place to buy.

I heard from my first pass editor yesterday about The Grafting Mark and it's going to be a couple of weeks before I get the draft back, so I'm using the time to get things sorted out here and to start writing queries! I won't be able to send them until the second draft is ready but it's going to be good to get a head start on that, because it's a lot of work and research.

I'd find this all so much more intimidating if I hadn't successfully queried before. I know I can do this, and The Grafting Mark is a really special story, even among all my stories. I'm hoping this time I develop a longer-term working relationship and get the kind of marketing that can really get readers' eyes on my work.

The latest as of June 9, 2022

Okay, so when I logged into Lulu to update my prices in preparation for launching the new site, I MAY have mucked up paperback distribution of the Half-Dragon series SLIGHTLY. But the ebooks should be fine, and you can still get paperbacks direct from Lulu. Just, there might be an interruption in the ability to order them from Amazon and B&N.

It should all be taken care of well before The Grafting Mark comes out, which is when I'm going to do my big marketing blitz!

The latest as of June 2, 2022

This is basically a test post, since this site hasn't launched yet. The domain is still hitched up to my novelist tumblr, which is an annoying place to run a website out of. Anyway I'm making progress! After I get these pages roughed in I'm going to delve into the realm of javascript to try and make the site better for mobile browsers.

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